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The Tale of Fintech Pioneers in Sheba Valley

Ibex Frontier is pleased to be at the forefront of spearheading the strides of Sheba Valley tech space in Ethiopia! Following our Founder's article of July 03 here, we are pleased to bring the Panel discussion of 'The Tale of Fintech Pioneers in Sheba Valley' at the November 03 Finnovation Africa event in Addis Ababa. Our MD Zekarias will be show-casing the Fintech strides of Ethiopia while our Country Manager will moderate the panel.

This is what Zekarias said regarding this event " We are very much excited that Finnovation Africa event is taking place in the land of Sheba Valley: Ethiopia! With a population of 100Million at 22% Bank Account holding rate and 58Million mobile subscribers, Ethiopia is aspiring to increase its digital/electronic banking penetration to 40% by 2020 from its current 6% rate - a crying out loud opportunity for Finnovators and digital payment solution providers. When I coined the term ' SHEBA VALLEY' for the emerging tech scene in Ethiopia back in July, I was convinced that this Fintech opportunity in Ethiopia is one bright future with creative, not necessarily disruptive, solutions coming from the within and highlighted some pioneers in the report. We are very much pleased to bring the tale of Fintech Pioneers in Sheba Valley at this event along with the Founders themselves in the stage with us!

We look forward to the event and showing the success stories of Ethiopia's Fintech Pioneers!

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