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AFRICA FINTECH: State of the Industry 2020 Report Released!

Ibex Frontier is a proud co-author of the industry agnostics Africa Fintech - State of the Industry 2020 report issued by Africa Fintech Summit released on 29th October 2020, ahead of the 5th Virtual Africa Fintech Summit taking place in November 2020!

After months of research and analysis, this 63-page report, brought to you by the organizers of Africa Fintech Summit and dedicated solely to the ecosystem's innovators, is available for purchase. Contributions include: 

  • insights from 15 of Africa's leading thought leaders

  • coverage on current and up-and-coming country fintech ecosystems

  • snapshot of Africa's tech investment exit trends & outlook

  • transcripts from UNGA's pan-African interoperability fintech round-table 

  • results and visualizations from a sector stakeholder survey 

  • investor-selected "startups to watch" 

Get a copy of the report HERE or access the report from


Ibex Frontier LLC


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