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The Tale of Fintech Pioneers in Sheba Valley, Ethiopia - Nov 03, 2017

IBEX was pleased to bring The Tale of Fintech Pioneers in Sheba Valley at the Nov 03 Finnovation Africa Event in Addis Ababa.

IBEX's Founder & MD Zekarias started the Panel with insights on Ethiopia's Tech spacee and the reasons behind the wave of 'Fintech Tsunami' in a vidoe message.

See The field.........

This was followed by deep-delve analysis of Ethiopia's Fintech pioneers by Ibex's country Manager Bereket Amsalu. Bereket highlighted some tractions made in the fintech space in Ethiopia including:-

  • The Nigerian Paga fintech platform was designed and built by Ethiopia's software Engineers at Apposit

  • Kifiya's Innovative G2C and B2C payment system and its strategic partnership with Mastercard for an international remit-to-pay service enabling families and friends abroad to pay for bills using their debit cards, credit cards, mobile wallets, or directly from their bank account from anywhere in the world

This led to an invitation by Bereket to the the 3 Fintech Pioneers in Sheba Valley to the platform to bring their Fintech innovations to the audience

Bereket's Introduction to the 3 Fintech Pioneers in Ethiopia

More than 200 Expert that were present at the Finnovation Africa event enjoyed the panel discussion and IBEX is pleased to be, once again, at the forefront of telling the success stories of the emerging tech space and Fintech innovations in Ethiopia's Sheba Valley to the world.

More pictures of the event can be found at, courtesy of Gebeya Media!

Quite appropriately, the event was concluded with this note to the international delegates: While discussing about disruptive innovation in Addis, to take time out of their busy schedule and to taste the traditional coffee while in Ethiopia, the birth place of Coffee Ethiopica!

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