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PRESS RELEASE: IBEX Frontier's Founder & MD Named Among 2018 Top 100 Most Influential Peopl

IBEX Frontier is pleased and extends its congratulations to our Founder Zekarias Amsalu, on being recognized as one of the 2018 Most Influential People of African Descent in the category of 'Business and en·tre·pre·neurship'.

Zekarias was named one of the 2018 Most Influential People of African Descent in new rankings released by the Most Influential 100 Company on May 11, 2018. The company publishes a global 100 list that identifies high achievers of African descent, aged 40 or below, in the fields of politics and governance; business and entrepreneurship; media and culture; and humanitarianism and religion. The selection criteria is winners are those individuals 'progressive, upwardly mobile people of African descent in public and private sectors across the world recognized for their achievements'.

Zekarias was recognized for his level of impact and leadership in the Investment advisory, tech eco system buildup including coining the name Sheba Valley , helping Ethiopian based startups scale up with help from global eco-system players and his insightful research & actionable corporate data he provides on Ethiopian opportunities.

The announcement was warmly received both in Ethiopia as well as at global eco-system players that have benefited from Zekarias' initiatives as can be seen from these 2 sample testimonials:-

“Zekarias Amsalu on behalf of Ibex Frontier helped zayride close seed investment in 2017 and the research papers He has issued on ShebaValley has helped Ethiopia as attractive investment destination. Zekarias is also helping shed a light on the ever growing Ethiopian economy and investment opportunities that internationally medias tend to ignore. Thank you for telling our stories to the world”

Founder and CEO

Zayride, Ethiopia.

"Mr. Zekarias Amsalu's visionary role in recognizing a need and forming Sheba Valley, representing the up and coming technology talent pool in Ethiopia, then building a collaborative bridge to resources in Silicon Valley can not be underestimated. Thanks to his hard work, today, his vision is becoming a reality. Our firm, Algorithmic Analytics, based in San José, CA, has already started working with teams in the Sheba Valley ecosystem on a number of projects, including developing Machine Learning and AI solutions. It’s great to see an effective and action-oriented thought leader like Mr. Amsalu get the recognition he deserves for his hard work and contribution to the growth of the technology sector in Ethiopia."


Algorithmic Analytics & Ideal Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Silicon Valley, USA.

Finally, Zekarias has the following to say on the recognition:-

“Humbled by this unexpected recognition, I dedicate the award to the great entrepreneurs and innovators in Ethiopia on whose shoulders I stood tall as their story-teller and deal-maker. This adds an impetus to my work at IBEX Frontier where we are providing unparalleled research, actionable investment data as well as connecting investors with opportunities efficiently.”

An IBEX Congratulations in order!

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