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PRESS RELEASE: 'Outstanding Trade Advocate Award' given to IBEX Frontier's Founder &

IBEX Frontier is pleased its Founder & MD Zekarias Amsalu is accorded an 'Outstanding Trade Advocate Award' at the 2018 Africa Trade and Investment Summit(ATIGS) held in Washington DC, on 24-26, 2018 attracting some 2,000+ delegates from more than 70+ countries. The prestigious biennial conference and exhibition was held at the World Trade Center Washington D.C, under the main theme "Driving Trade, Unleashing Investment and Enhancing Economic Development: the Gateway to African Markets", covering 16 economic sectors, particularly manufacturing, agribusiness, power, construction, transportation, IT, health, fintech, tourism, telecoms, and natural resources sectors.

IBEX Frontier was honored to present a 30 minute panel entitled "Investing in ETHIOPIA - Why NOW?' on Tuesday 26 June at 10am that had attracted investors, international corporates, Chamber of commerce representatives, entrepreneurs and consultants interested to tap into trade and investment opportunities in Ethiopia. IBEX's Founder & MD Zekarias Amsalu has presented high quality and deeper insights into the hidden-gems of investment opportunities in Ethiopia as well as showcased sample local partners to join hands with in Joint Ventures and Equity investments. This timely presentation as well as high quality trade-facilitating research IBEX has been providing over the years has led the ATIGS Award committee to confer the 'Outstanding Trade Advocate' award to IBEX and our Founder & MD Zekarias Amsalu. "We are very much grateful that the ATIGS award committee has recognized the hard work we are putting in providing the investing world with hard-to-find, validated, verified and high quality deeper investment and corporate data on Ethiopia with the aim of helping expedite trade and investment decisions and actions - we know accurate and timely data is of utmost importance to investors and that is what we provide here at IBEX", said Zekarias Amsalu.

DID YOU KNOW? - IBEX has brought the London based African corporate data provider - Asoko Insight - to Ethiopia with its signature route-to-Ethiopian-Market services, has provided Asoko with thousands of deeper Ethiopian corporate data as well as has assigned, for 1 year, two of its staff as Country Director and Research Analyst, and has powered Asoko's platform with actionable, deeper corporate date in Ethiopia?

IBEX will continue to provide Visibility, Access and opportunity to Ethiopian businesses and entrepreneurs with its ongoing investment advisory and research work as well as helping international investors with deal sourcing and route-to-market services.


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